Use: Normally a macro skill.

Sample specializations: Specific defense (against charm, against persuasion, against hypnosis, etc.), ignoring pain, self-control, disbelieving illusions Willpower represents a character’s strength of mind and ability to remain true to a decision or course of action. It is most often used as defense against character interaction skills such as charm and persuasion and in some cases other interaction skills like trick, test, taunt and intimidation. For the latter skills, willpower can only be used as a defense against macro uses of those types of interactions; during round play the normal defenses must be used. This is because during round play characters must react based on their instincts and do not have time to apply their willpower to the situation. Similarly, willpower may be used to disbelieve the existence of illusionary magic, but only outside of round play. During round play disbelieving illusionary magic defaults to the character’s base Mind attribute. See Chapter Ten for more information on disbelieving illusionary magic. Willpower may be used as an active skill in situations where the character faces a difficult temptation, needs to control an impulse or has to overcome a natural reaction or instinct.