Visions of Death

Skill: conjuration/death 26

Backlash: 20

Difficulty: 18

Effed Value: 24

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: 10 (100 meters)

Duration: 32 (1 month)

Casting time: 18 (1 day)

Manipulation: duration, range

The caster of this focused spell must gain something of his target; a bit of hair, clothing, or any other object will do. From this object, the mage manufactures a focus that directs the energies of this spell to the target. During the formation of the focus, the mage intones the spell, binding an element of death into the focus, and therefore onto the person. The focus usually resembles an object the target keeps with him, such as a belt buckle, a ring a bracelet, etc. After the casting the mage must place this object into the bedroom of the intended victim, or give it to them before the next dawn. When the target first sleeps within 100 meters of the focus, generate the spell total. Compare the effect value with the target's Spirit and read the result off the Power Push chart. The spell has a result modifier point modifier of 6, which reflects the power that death has over the living. Read the result points on the combat results table to find spiritual damage. The spell generates a bonus for damage once each time the victim sleeps. The effect of the spell is controlled. Unless the damage from the current attack exceeds the damage level the target currently suffers from, the spell does no damage. From the first night on, the target of the spell dreams of his death, and each dream depicts a different version of his death. The target will begin to appear sad and melancholy. He will always seem depressed and becomes very pessimistic about everything. While the spell has the result of death, the limited effect make it possible to recover from the wounds, except for one wound, which once inflicted shall not heal for the duration of the spell. The purpose of the spell is to cause the victim a lingering nightmare-ridden death.