Trap Use

Use: Cannot be used unskilled without the appropriate tools. Unskilled use with tools penalized. Macro skill

Sample specializations: Detecting traps, disarming traps, setting traps

The Trap use skill lets a character work with mechanical traps. A character with this skill knows both how to set traps and how to defeat them. Specialized tools are often helpful to disable traps but may not be necessary. Detecting traps usually does not require specialized equipment. This skill does not cover things like opening locks that involve physical tumblers and mechanisms; those are covered by the lock picking skill. Trap Use can get the character open access to the lock, but not any farther. Difficulty numbers for detecting traps can be based off of the Difficulty Number Scale or based on the Trap Use skill of the person who set the trap. Difficulty numbers for deactivating or bypassing traps should be based on the Difficulty Number Scale.