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Table of Contents


Creating a Character

Attributes and Skills

Skills List

The Rules

Values and Measures
Hero Points
Pushing the Limits
Character Interactions
Combat Options and Modifiers
Multi Action and Many on one rules
Environment I.E. damage from falling, drowning, weather

The Drama Deck


Grimoire Spells
Spells By Knowledge

Bardic Magic

Bardic Magic by Type

Miracles of Faith

A Selection of Miracles by Type
Miracles sorted by Religion

Special Abilities



Difficulty Number Scale
Torg Value Chart
Measure Conversion Chart
Torg Benchmark Chart
General and Push Results
Interaction Results
Combat Results
Healing Chart
Concealment and Cover Chart
Combat Options Chart
Many on One Chart
One on Many Chart
Roll Bonus Chart
Skill Charts
Miracle Modifiers

Historical Backdrop



Campaign information

Character Section

Player Characters
Liadan back story
Liadan relevant links
Rashied back story
Rashied relivant links
Roderik back story
Roderik relivant links
Casius Albas back story
Casius Albas links
Hildrmaer Jorrunsdottir back story
Hildrmaer Jorrunsdottir links

DM pages (Protected)

Non Player Characters

Latest activity

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