Sample specializations: Non-verbal, insults, sarcasm

Taunt is used to make opponents upset and thus unable to think or act as clearly as they normally would. Taunt is normally used in round play to unsettle opponents, annoying or angering them to the point that they act without thinking. Taunt is also the defensive skill used against taunt, though in some situations the willpower skill could be used instead. If the target does not have taunt then Charisma is used instead. The results of a taunt are determined by using the Interaction Results Table found in Chapter Four. When a character attempts to taunt someone, the player should specify to the gamemaster the effect she wants it to have on her character’s opponent before rolling the die. This is known as the player’s call and lets the gamemaster better judge the results of the taunt. Taunt skill totals should be modified by the gamemaster in relation to circumstance and appropriate nature of the taunt, as well as the player’s roleplaying ability. Taunts should be kept simple in most cases so that that the meaning will be clear to the target. If the target doesn’t understand the taunt, they may not even realize they’ve been insulted.