Use: Unskilled use penalized. Normally used as a macro skill.

Sample specializations: Specific urban location, street gangs, criminal organizations, survival, black markets

Streetwise is used to get information, goods and/or make contacts in urban areas large enough to support a “shadowy” side of life. It can also be used like the survival skill for finding food, water and shelter in urban areas. When attempting to gain information with the streetwise skill, the difficulty is based on the size of the city the character is in and modified by the legality of the information being sought:


Condition Difficulty/modifier

Large city 8

Small city 10

Town 12

Small town 13

Very small town 15

Legal information -5

Semi-legal -2

Illegal, but generally inoffensive (asking how big of a bribe is appropriate for local law enforcement) +0

Illegal (seeking out a pickpocket) +2

Very illegal (seeking out a safecracker) +4

Highly illegal (seeking an arms smuggler) +7

Strict law enforcement +5

Moderate law enforcement +4

Light law enforcement +2

Little enforcement of the law +0

Corrupt law enforcement -