Spatial Feelings

Skill: divination/true knowledge 19

Backlash: 20

Difficulty: 12

Effect Value: 15

Bonus Number To: effect

Range: 15 (one kilometer)

Duration: 18 (one hour)

Cast Time: 18 (one hour)

Manipulation: control, duration, range

When the mage speaks the words of this impressed spell, she gains the ability to feel her environment. Everything within a 100 meter radius sphere of the magician's chosen center of effect can be sensed by the caster. The circle of effect may be moved anywhere in range within one round. If the effect value of the spell is greater than the Spirit of the target, the mage knows the target's exact location. This spell may find some targets, while failing to find others with higher Spirits. Compare each target's Spirit individually. While this spell pinpoints location with ease, it limits other information. Read the result points on the General Success chart. On a minimal or average success the spell can only differentiate between the living and unliving. On a good success, the spell reveals the arcane knowledge that best represents the target. On a superior success, the spell identifies the type of being or object (assuming the caster is familiar with such beings or objects). On a spectacular success, the caster also identifies any objects a being is carrying, again assuming the caster is familiar with such objects.