Sense Life

Skill: divination/life 17

Backlash: 15

Difficulty: 11

Effect Value: 17

Bonus Number To: effect

Range: 9 (60 meters)

Duration: 14 (10 minutes)

Cast Time: 9 (one minute)

Manipulation: duration, state

The mage can use this spell to feel the presence of life around him. The spell affects all creatures with a willpower less than or equal to the effect value for this spell. The caster knows where these creatures are, and can discern the type and number of creatures present. The spell indirectly finds undead, and other entities that are not truly alive. The caster senses any undead with a Willpower less than or equal to the effect value of this spell as a dark hungry presence. The caster knows it is there, but cannot tell what type of undead, how many, or even its exact location. The mage just knows there are things that feed on life near him.