Scrying Eyes

Skill: divination/true knowledge 19

Backlash: 18

Difficulty: 10

Effect Value: 25

Bonus Number to: range

Range: 25 (100 kilometers)

Duration: 18 (I hour)

Cast Time: 14 (10 minutes)

Manipulation: cast time, control, duration

The mage must possess a device for scrying, this device could be a mirror, a crystal ball, or even a calm pool. The device must produce a clear reflection. When the mage casts the spell the device shimmers and then displays the scene the mage wishes to see. Anyone else looking into the device also sees the scene it reveals. Scrying eyes produces visual information only. The mage can only see what is obvious. Others observing the mirror may use find or other skills to analyze visual information. Their skill totals are capped at 25, which is the effect value of the spell.

If the mage concentrates, she can manipulate the spell to see the scene from a different view, or a new scene can be located. The viewpoint may be moved at a rate of a kilometer each round. Sensitive people may feel that they are being watched (on a Perception total of 25 or more), and detect magic reveals this method of scrying.