Use: Macro skill.

Sample limitations: Herbalisum, Castle engineering, history, literature, art, religion, arcane, music lore, any specialized field of knowledge.

Sample specializations: A more specific area of knowledge within a limitation, such as a specific religion

The scholar skill represents a character’s knowledge in a specific field of study. In many cases it represents “book learning”, academic facts and figures that the character has memorized. Scholars are adept at using research libraries and remembering or locating obscure facts. But it can also represent knowledge that the character has picked up through experience and being knowledgeable in areas that other people might deem “trivial”. Players may purchase the scholar skill multiple times to represent additional areas of expertise for their character. Limitations can be about as broad as the subjects in which universities typically offer undergraduate degrees. A narrower focus within a field would normally involve a specialization but isn’t required. If the player wishes to limit his character’s knowledge to just a narrowly defined field she does not have to take a broad limitation and then apply a specialization.


Success level Information level

Minimal General information known to most scholars

Average More specific information but nothing obscure

Good A decent amount of obscure information

Superior Detailed information known only to experts in the field

Spectacular Highly specific information known only by a few