Use: May be used as a macro skill.

Sample specializations: Raft, sailboat, ship

This skill reflects a character’s ability to operate, pilot and make minor repairs to all types of waterborne craft. The difficulty of any particular piloting task is determined by the gamemaster using the Difficulty Number Scale. Sailor skill is also used to increase a vehicle’s speed beyond its normal capabilities. This is accomplished with a speed push similar to the type characters can do with their own movement rates. All vehicles have a speed value that is essentially the same as a character’s limit value. It is not the maximum possible speed of the vehicle, just the maximum speed possible without putting stress on the vehicle’s structure. The rules for speed pushes can be found in Chapter Four. The macro use of this skill is handled with the same rules that apply to the macro movements of characters in the “Timed Movement” sidebar.

In vehicle combat, a pilot’s Sailor skill is used in place of combat skills such as dodge and maneuver. In the case of a vehicle being attacked by someone using melee weapons or unarmed combat while the vehicle is in motion, the pilot’s water vehicles skill substitutes for the normal defensive skill values.