Rot of the Grave

Skill: conjuration/death 26

Backlash: 22

Difficulty. 18

Effect Value: 15

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: 10 (100 meters)

Duration: 29 (1 week)

Cast Time: 5 (10 seconds)

Manipulation: control, duration, state

Rot of the Grave is a focused spell. When a mage invokes this pattern, she causes a living body to corrupt and rot as if it were in the grave. To cast this spell, the mage must have soil from a grave and the ash of a burned body. Darkness forms around the hands of the mage as she casts; darkness that then shoots toward the intended target. The path of this bolt can be controlled by the mage by pantomiming the path with a bone wand. The spell will hit the target if the caster's conjuration magic total equal or exceeds the Dexterity or dodge value of the target. If the spell hits, the effect value becomes the damage value of the spell. Compare the effect value of the spell to the target's Toughness, and then to his Charisma, on the Power Push table. The spell's result modifier increases any result points by six. The result points determine two things; the first is the damage the spell does to the target. The second is the number of points subtracted from the target's Charisma. No one likes dealing with a corpse. This spell has an extended duration. The rotting caused by the pattern of death will remain with the target until the spell is broken or ends. Therefore, the target of this spell cannot heal normally until the spell ends. Not even miraculous healing can cure this damage caused by Rot of the Grave until the spell ends.