Resist Pain

Sample specializations: none

This skill allows a character to temporarily ignore the detrimental effects of physical damage. The character is not getting rid of the damage; its effects just don’t bother him for a little while. The more severe the injuries, the harder it will be for a character to ignore the effects. The skill can only be used to ignore the penalties caused by wound damage; it cannot be used against shock damage or knockout conditions. Because the skill represents a physical increase in the body’s capacity to handle pain, it can only be used against physical wound damage; it will have no effect on any penalties caused by mental or spiritual wounds. The character generates a resist pain skill total against a difficulty equal to 10 + his wound level and the results are read through the power push table in Chapter Four. This result indicates how much of a wound penalty the character can temporarily ignore. For example, if a character is suffering from a -3 wound penalty and generates a result of +1 on a resist pain check, his wound penalty is temporarily reduced to -2.

This skill cannot be used as a macro skill as the pain can only be ignored for a maximum of ten combat rounds, or until the character takes any more physical damage. Once the effects of resist pain have ended, the character cannot attempt to use the skill again until after he has rested and healed some of his damage. At gamemaster’s discretion, the willpower skill can be used in the same manner as resist pain.