Ravages of Time

Skill: alteration/time 21

Backlash: 20

Difficulty: 13

Effect Value: 29

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: 10 (100 meters)

Duration: 5(10 seconds)

Cast Time: 5 (10 seconds)

Manipulation: duration, cast time

With this spell, a mage can subject a volume of 10 meters radius to the rapid passage of time. All inanimate substances (as defined by the arcane knowledge) within the sphere of effect age at a greatly accelerated rate. Items within the area of effect begin to show signs of age. Metal items start to rust or become brittle, stone cracks, liquids evaporate, plants rot, fires die down, and air will seem stale and stagnant. Compare the effect value of the spell to the Toughness of the target. Reduce the target's Toughness by the result points of the spell. This reduction is permanent (at least until reversed. By another spell). If the spell reduces the target's Toughness to zero or less, the item fractures and turns to dust.

As a general rule, armor has Toughness equal the Power Push of its Maximum value, plus the weight value of the armor: leather armor has a Toughness of 12, while full plate has a Toughness of 17. Melee weapons have Toughness equal to the Power Push of their maximum damage value, plus their weight value: a dagger has a Toughness of six, while a two handed sword has a Toughness of 12.