Use: Macro skill.

Sample specializations: Con, bargain, diplomacy, negotiation, interviewing, salesmanship Persuasion is the ability to convince or sway an acquaintance or onlooker. The exact nature of what it is the character wants the target to do can be almost anything; buy a product from the character, answer a question, do the character a favor, loan the character something, change their opinion about something to match the character’s view, and so on. A character generates a persuasion total against the willpower or Mind of the target character. The difficulty may be modified by the gamemaster using the Difficulty Number Scale based on the nature of what the character wants the target to do. Generally the more that a target has to do, especially if it might be dangerous, the harder it will be to persuade them. The attitude of the target affects how successful a persuasion attempt will be. If the character has the time, it is usually a good idea to first charm a target and improve their attitude towards the character, thereby increasing the chance of a successful persuasion. The complete rules for using persuasion can be found in Chapter Four.