Performance Art*

Use: Unskilled use penalized. Macro skill.

Sample limitations: Acting, singing, storytelling, public speaking,

Sample specializations: Specific field within a limitation (singing opera, interpretive reading, dramatic acting, comedic acting, etc.)

This skill gives its user the ability to perform a work of “art”, which is broadly defined as anything spoken, sung or otherwise communicated that is designed to invoke some kind of response in the audience. For example, a public speaker may want to convince people to support a certain political or moral position or a singer may want to lift people’s spirits with an upbeat song. See the artist skill for guidelines on how to determine the effects of a character’s performance. In some situations a performer will be interpreting someone else’s work of “art”, such as an actor performing from a script written by someone else. In cases like this, two skill values are generated. The first skill value is for the piece of art being performed; the second is for the performance itself. The skill check for the piece of art will be an artist skill check based on the skill value of whoever created the artwork. The second skill check will be the performance art skill check of the performer. The lower of the two values is then used to gauge any reactions or effects of the overall performance. The individual totals can also be used to determine any reactions to the individual components of the performance.