Melee Weapons+

Use: Active defense cannot be attempted unskilled, passive defense and attacks can be done unskilled.

Sample specializations: Knife, sword, club, axe, Florentine fighting, shield defense, improvised weapons

This skill measures a character’s ability to use all sorts of melee weapons, pretty much anything that can be picked up and swung or jabbed at someone. A character generates a melee weapons total to hit with a melee weapon in combat. Melee weapons also serves as the defensive skill against unarmed and melee attacks, as long the defender is wielding a melee weapon. If the defender is not wielding a melee weapon, then the unarmed combat skill is used to defend against melee weapons attacks. The skill can also be used to make minor repairs to melee weapons as well as perform routine maintenance tasks to keep a weapon in good working condition. Unskilled characters armed with a melee weapon may attack and passively defend with their Dexterity but cannot make an active defense.