Long Jumping

Sample specializations: Standing broad jump, running long jump. This is the ability to leap and jump over its, chasms, and other obstacles. Every character has a jumping limit value (see Chapter One) which represents how far they can jump without much effort. The long jumping skill helps characters jump farther than their limit value and to make jumps in less than optimal conditions. Increasing the distance the character jumps is treated as a speed push (see Chapter Four) while making difficult jumps that are within the character’s jumping limit value is done against a difficulty number determined by the gamemaster based on the circumstances. The following modifiers are used when a character has to make a push roll with long jumping. The gamemaster can also take them into account when determining the difficulty number for non-push jumps.


Condition Modifier

Flat surface to flat surface +0

Unlimited landing area -2

Limited landing area +2

Very small landing area +4

Rough/unsteady terrain +2 or more

Downhill landing site -2

Uphill landing site +4

Carrying a heavy load +2 or more

The jumping limit values in Chapter One assume that the jumper had the time and space to take a running start. Standing jumps subtract two from the distance value jumped. Being able to take off at less than full speed reduces the distance value by one.