Use: Can be used as a macro skill for carrying heavy loads over a long period of time.

Sample specializations: Weight lifting, load bearing. The lifting skill is used to increase the amount of weight a character can lift beyond their lifting limit value. This is accomplished with a power push as described in Chapter Four. A character who wants to hold up or carry a load greater than their lifting limit value has to make a power push every round. Characters do not have to make lifting skill checks to lift an amount equal to or less than their lifting limit value as given in Chapter One. For macro uses of the skill, characters cannot carry an amount greater than their lifting limit value. Lesser amounts can be carried but the heavier the load, the more strain it can have on the character. The difficulty for macro uses of lifting is the weight value of the load plus three. If the skill check fails, the character carries the load to his destination but collapses from exhaustion upon arrival. If the skill check succeeds, the result is treated as a power push to determine any detrimental effects on the character.