Use: Cannot be used unskilled though linguistics can be used in its place. Macro skill.

Sample limitations: English, French, Gaelic, Norse

Sample specializations: reading, writing, archaic, formal

Language gives the character the ability to speak another language (characters do not need the skill for their native language.) It can be taken multiple times to represent the ability to speak several additional languages. As a macro skill, language skill checks usually only have to be made once per conversation, players do not have to roll every time their character says or hears something in a foreign language.

To speed play even further, gamemasters may wish to assume that a character’s base language skill value represents the character’s normal level of fluency in the language and skill checks are only required when the character needs to communicate “above her level”. The following charts can be used to gauge a character’s fluency and the difficulty numbers for communicating at a certain level of fluency: