Skill: alteration/true knowledge 23

Backlash: 17

Difficulty: 12

Effect Value: 24

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: touch

Duration: 25 (ten hours)

Cast Time: 18 (one hour)

Manipulation: control, duration, state

The mage must have a small figurine of glass to perform this impressed spell. He begins with the figurine dirty. He cleans the figurine throughout the casting of the spell, checking its transparency several times during the casting. The spell is impressed upon casting. The spell is released by touching the recipient or object with the figurine. Compare the effect value to the recipient's Toughness on the Power Push table. To these result points add nine. If the final result points equal or exceeds the target's Toughness, then he is rendered completely transparent to light. Any character trying to spot an invisible character must generate a Perception total at least equal to the effect value of the spell in order to see him. Note that hearing, or otherwise

Sensing the character, might be easier than seeing him. Invisible characters who have not been perceived increase their defense against visually targeted attacks by +10. Even after he is perceived, an invisible character still has his defense increased by +5 against all visually targeted attacks.