Grave Assistance

Skill: alteration/death 26

Backlash: 20

Difficulty: 14

Effect Value: 13

Bonus Number to: duration

Range: 5 (10 meters)

Duration: 29 (l week)

Cast Time: 18 (1 hour)

Manipulation: cast time, duration

This impressed spell transforms an aspect of death into a group of skeletal warriors to act as body guards for the duration of the spell. The mage must stand within a graveyard during the night to prepare this spell. The mage then creates the pattern of this spell while holding and staring at a human bone. During the process, a darkness will be seen fanning around the bone. The darkness seems to come from nearby graves, a dark wisp coming from each grave within a six meter radius (this is usually about eight graves). The number of skeletal warriors created is equal to the number of bodies buried within the radius of effect. At end of this ritual, the bone has figures etched onto its surface representing each grave within the spell’s radius. When the mage wishes to release the spell, she throws the bone onto the ground and says "come forth my warriors of the night, to serve and protect me. By the power of bone and night, I command thee arise." The ground rumbles as the skeletal warriors emerge from the ground. Each warrior is clad in the ruined remains of armor, and carries a weapon of the caster's choice. They will always remain within six meters of the caster, protecting the caster from harm to the best of their abilities. They are intelligent, and use some tactics to protect their summoner. There are enough to surround the mage to protect her. There will always be at least one, normally two, left to guard the mage if a distraction occurs. They know that their existence, and the chance for this second 'life" depends on the mage's survival.

Skeletal Body Guard


Dodge 18, melee weapons 18, missile weapons 18, unarmed combat





Find 18




Intimidate 18

Natural Tools: armor (TOU+5/18), weapon (STR+5/damage value 18)