Use: Cannot be used unskilled.

Sample specializations: None

Frenzy is a special ability that allows a character to work himself into a deadly, berserk rage.

When frenzied, the character becomes little more than a killing machine. They will attack all enemy characters or creatures without hesitation and if there are no enemies nearby, they may attack anyone close by, even their own comrades and allies. Frenzied characters may not make ranged attacks, all combat must be conducted with either melee weapons or barehanded. Frenzied characters may not use interaction skills such as maneuver, trick, test or taunt though intimidation is allowed. Frenzied characters cannot perform an active defense against any kind of attack, they may only passively defend. Shields however may be used during combat. The difficulty of entering frenzy is based on the character’s wound level. The more injured a character is, the easier it is for him to frenzy. A character already involved in a combat situation receives a +5 bonus to his skill total. A frenzied character has his Dexterity, Strength and Toughness temporarily increased while frenzied. The amount of the increase is based on the success level of the skill check. On a Minimal or Average success, the increase is +1; Good success +2; success +3; Spectacular success +4. This is not a bonus, it is an actual increase in the attribute and will affect any game values based off of an attribute (such as the base damage value of melee weapons and the amount of shock damage a character can take before being knocked unconscious.) While frenzied, characters are immune to fatigue results and ignore any action penalties from wound damage (see Chapter Four for details on fatigue and damage penalties.)

A frenzied character that has no enemies to attack may lash out at anyone who is nearby, even if they are on his side. To keep himself from attacking an ally, the frenzied character must make a willpower check against a difficulty of 12. If the character fails, he will attack the nearest person with the same ferocity he used on his enemies. If the frenzied character succeeds, he doesn’t attack anyone that round. Another willpower check is required the next round and in subsequent rounds until the character has someone to attack or the frenzy comes to an end. A Frenzy lasts for no more than 12 rounds, though a character can attempt to come out of it sooner. The difficulty for ending frenzy is based on the character’s wound level, though in this case the more injured the character is the harder it is to come out of it.


Wound level                                        Entering difficulty   Ending difficulty

None                                                                22                          13

Shock and/or KO conditions only                    18                          15

Wound                                                             15                          18

Heavy wound                                                   13                          22

Mortal wound                                                   12                          25

If the character is attempting to end a frenzy while there are no enemies around, he does not have to make a willpower check in that round to avoid attacking the nearest target. If a character attempts to end frenzy and fails by ten or more points, he can no longer attempt to end the frenzy and it must run its full course. Allies of the frenzied character can attempt to bring him out of his rage by making persuasion attempts against the same difficulty number for the character bringing himself out of the frenzy. These must be people the character knows and trusts, not just people who were fighting on the same side with him. If there are no enemies present, the frenzied character may attack the people trying to bring him out of it! After a character comes out of frenzy, he immediately suffers a fatigue result that lasts for thirty minutes, though this shock damage may be healed normally with the first aid skill.