Flowing Shapes

Skill: alteration/time 20

Backlash: 18

Difficulty: 15

Effect Value: 32

Bonus Number to: duration

Range: self

Duration: 18 (1 hour)

Cast Time: 9 (1 minute)

Manipulation: duration, cast time

The mage conjures an element of change by casting this spell. The caster then binds this pattern of change into his body. This spell allows a mage to assume the form of any living creature. If the mage's greatest physical attribute is 14 or less, this pattern can be successfully placed onto the mage. Once the caster has successfully cast this spell, he can physically change his body to resemble that of any other living thing. As a transformation, the attributes of the new creature must not differ from the target's original attributes by more than the result points of the spell.

The caster gains the mundane benefits associated with the new body, such as wings for flight, gills for breathing water, fur for keeping warm, etc. The caster does not gain any mystical abilities associated with a creature, such as a faeries' magic or a demon's power. A mage cannot use this spell to take the shape of a specific person or creature. While under the effects of the spell, the mage can change form at will. To change form, the mage must concentrate, and visualize the new form to be taken. It takes the body 10 seconds to complete the transformation.