Flowers of Frustration

Skill: conjuration/time 28

Backlash: 21

Difficulty: 17

Effect Value: 27

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: 9 (60 meters)

Duration: 18 (one hour)

Cast Time: 18 (one hour)

Manipulation: state, range, speed

This is an impressed and focused spell. To cast the spell the magician requires at least a dozen flowers. Dried flowers will do, but live flowers give a +3 bonus modifier. The mage sits with the flowers in his lap, envisioning the pattern of the spell, then imagining the pattern into a shape similar to the flowers in his lap. Out loud, he quietly and firmly describes the pattern of flowers, finishing the casting as he finishes the description. Once cast, the spell is impressed. To release the spell, the caster must generate a conjuration magic total greater than or equal the defender's Dexterity or dodge. The spell is focused on the target, but as long as the target is within range, the spell's duration and effect continue to be controlled by the caster. Whenever the target casts a spell, compare the effect value of flowers of frustration to the casting total of the target spell. Read the result points on the Power Push table. A result modifier of 10 is added to these result points. Subtract the final result points from the effect value of the target spell. The energy which has been drawn off from the target spell is converted into flowers that shower down from the spell.

Example: Flowers of frustration is cast with an effect value of 31. Subsequently, the caster successfully targets a mage. The target character then attempts to cast an altered fireball spell, generating an alteration magic total of 19. 31-19 =12. 12 on the Power Push table is +5. The result modifier of 10 brings to total to 15. The fireball's effect value is reduced by 15. The caster would cast the fireball and watch it approach its target streaming flowers, to finally "ptft" ineffectua1ly upon impact. If a spell does not have an effect value, the reduction affects the volume and area of the spell. For every two final result points, the volume is reduced by one. If the spell only has area, each final result point reduces the area by one point. If the above spell had been a mage light spell, which has a volume of 10 meters (value five), the volume would have been reduced by seven, shrinking it to a small glowing sphere.