First Aid

Use: Macro skill. May be used in round play to prevent death from injuries

Sample specializations: Fatigue, unconsciousness, wounds. This skill measures a character’s ability to quickly diagnose and treat traumatic wounds, keeping characters alive and functioning until they can heal. It is normally a macro use skill but it can be used in round play under certain conditions. The difficulty of a first aid skill check depends on the severity of the wounded character’s injuries. Gamemasters should also consider applying situational modifiers based on the Difficulty Number Scale when treatment is attempted in adverse conditions, such as on a battlefield or without anything resembling a first aid kit. Wound levels are explained in Chapter Four.


Wound level Difficulty

Shock damage only 8

K, O, KO condition 10

Wound 12

Heavy wound 13

Mortal wound 15*

Dead (four wounds) 18*

Dead (five or more wounds) First aid not possible

*These two conditions can be treated in round play.

Successful use of first aid during round play will stop the bleeding caused by a mortal wound and prevent the wounded character from dying, but will not help the wounded character in any other way. A character at four wounds can sometimes be saved by immediate emergency treatment (such as CPR and similarly drastic methods). Successful first aid treatment within one round of the character’s “death” will improve her condition to mortal wound. The injured character will still be bleeding so first aid will need to be applied a second time to treat that problem. When used as a macro skill, first aid will remove all shock and KO conditions and reduces any action penalties caused by wound damage by one level (characters with a mortal wound only suffer heavy wound penalties, characters with a heavy wound only suffer wound penalties.) It does not reduce the wound level, only the penalty. The penalty reduction is temporary and will go away the next time the character that takes any damage. Each character attempting first aid on wounded characters is only allowed one attempt per victim per day. If this attempt fails, he must wait until the next day (though someone else could try to aid the victim today). Characters that have only taken shock and KO conditions can be treated as often as necessary.