Enchanting Growth

Skill: alteration/life 18

Backlash: 19

Difficulty: 13

Effect Value: 10

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: 8 (40 meters)

Duration: 18 (1 hour)

Cast Time: 5 (10 seconds)

Manipulation: control

The mage casts this focused spell to imbue the vegetation in a 40 meter radius (up to a height of 10 meters) with an infusion of life energy. He must touch the ground upon which he stands. This burst of life energy causes all plants in the area to grow at accelerated rates. Within a few seconds fast growing plants, such as vines and grasses, grow to fill the area of effect. This growth though can be controlled by the mage if he concentrates on the Pattern of growth. The mage can cause the plants to overgrow a road, or even build a beautiful garden with this spell. The mage can retard movement through the area. Within seconds, no movement is possible without cutting and hacking through the undergrowth. The plants under the effect of the spell will have a Toughness equal to the spell effect total. It is not easy to exit an area of enchanted growth. The Dexterity/dodge value of the plants is zero, each wound scored allows a person to move one meter. Use the mooks damage chart to find the damage done to the plants. The area of growth refills any area cut within five rounds. A person who does not move quickly will find himself trapped again. Since this spell only alters the rate of growth, the change in the plant life will be permanent when the spell ends. The change in the Toughness of the plants ends when the spell ends. Anyone still trapped in the area of effect will still be trapped when the duration ends but getting out is much less of a problem.