Element Shaping

Skill: alteration/true knowledge 22

Backlash: 17

Difficulty. 2

Effect Value: 28

Bonus Number To: effect

Range: 8 (40 meters)

Duration: 18 (one hour)

Cast Time: 18 (one hour)

Manipulation: control, duration, state

Element Shaping is an impressed spell. The mage influences the shape of any element by altering the true, essential knowledge of the element. The mage can use this spell to induce a permanent change in the shape of an element, as long as the Toughness of the element does not exceed the effect value of the spell. The mage can control a volume of material in a sphere of 10 meters radius.

While the caster concentrates, he can move the effect to another part of the element, or even switch to another elemental force. If the mage ever ceases to concentrate, the spell falters and stops. A mage cannot change one element to another with this spell.