Use: Unskilled use penalized. Macro skill.

Sample specializations: Costumes, makeup, impersonations The disguise skill gives a character the ability to use makeup, wigs and costumes to appear as another person, or as a specific person. It does not include the ability to speak or act like a specific person, only their appearance. Imitating a person’s voice or mannerisms falls under the performance arts skill. To create a disguise, the character must have access to appropriate equipment. Depending on the desired disguise, this could be as minor as a wig or a set of appropriate clothing, or it may require the use of special makeup and elaborate costumes to create a very different appearance, such as appearing taller or shorter. When creating a disguise, the character generates a disguise skill total. This total is then modified based on the circumstances of the disguise:


Circumstance Modifier

A specific person -5

Opposite sex -3

Different race/skin color -3

Different species, close resemblance (human as elf, etc.) -4

Different species, some resemblance -6

Different species, little resemblance (human as Dwarf, etc.) -10 or more

Great age difference (+/- 30 years) -3

Much larger build -3

Much smaller build -5

Character already bears a resemblance +3

Good disguise kit +5

No disguise kit -5

Using disguise on another character -2

This final skill total becomes the difficulty number for anyone seeing through the disguise with their perception or find skill. A Perception check is automatically granted the first time that an individual meets the disguised character. If that check fails, the observer is fooled and will only get to make another Perception check if the character says or does something that does not match his disguise. If the check is successful, the observer realizes that the character is wearing a disguise.