Use: Unskilled use penalized. Macro skill.

Sample specializations: Ballet, ballroom dancing, square dancing, tap dancing, choreographed dances

The dance skill covers a character’s ability to move rhythmically to music or song, in either a free-form or choreographed manner. Dancing can be an important part of the rituals practiced by many cultures as well as something done for enjoyment or to entertain others. Performing a carefully choreographed dance routine, such as a dance used as part of an important religious ritual, requires making a dance skill check against a difficulty number determined by the gamemaster using the Difficulty Number Scale. When used to entertain or otherwise evoke a reaction in an audience, even if that audience is just your dance partner, dance uses the rules given in the performance arts skill to determine the quality of the performance and reaction of the audience. Dance only covers a character’s ability to perform a dance, not design one; choreographing a new dance routine is covered by the artist skill instead of dance. Dancing simply for personal enjoyment does not usually require a skill check.