Use: Unskilled use penalized. Macro skill.

Sample limitations: Swordsmith, armorsmith, weaver, potter, tailor, cook

Limitation chosen.

The craftsman skill is used to manufacture items of the appropriate limitation by hand.  A craftsman can build or produce any item within her limitation as well as repair the same items if applicable. The amount of time involved will vary depending on the specific limitation, the item being built or repaired and the materials available to the character. Forging a sword for example may take a couple of days while cooking a small meal may only take an hour or less. A seven-course banquet though may require as much time and effort as the sword! In most situations, the gamemaster should call for only one craftsman check when repairing an item. When building a new item, the general rule is to require one skill check per day of work. For items such as weapons and armor, the item’s modifier can serve as an indicator of how many days it takes to manufacture by hand. A short sword with a damage value of STR+3 would then take about three days to create and require three craftsman skill checks. Failing a check adds a day to the process. Failing two checks in a row ruins the item and the craftsman has to start over. A Spectacular success will shorten the process by one day. The base difficulty for craftsman is 12. Items with modifiers add their modifier to the difficulty. For items without modifiers, gamemasters should use the Difficulty Number Scale to determine appropriate modifiers based on the complexity of the item being produced or repaired.