Conjure the Bouncing

Hordes of Doom

Skill: conjuration/life 21

Backlash: 20

Difficulty: 11

Effect Value: 14

Bonus Number to: duration

Range: 10 (100 meters)

Duration: 14 (10 minutes)

Casting Time: 18 (1 hour)

Manipulation: range, duration

The mage casts this impressed spell to bring to life a group of enchanted warriors to fight for him. First the mage takes the gum/sap from a tree, then he heats the sap while reciting an incantation.

The mixture must then be cooled, and from this rubbery mass the mage forms a ball. As the mage forms the ball, he impresses the pattern of the spell within the ball. The ritual prepares the ball to become the caster's warriors. When the mage wishes to release his warriors, he says "I now release thee," and then throws the ball. While in the air, the ball will expand and then divide into six purple-black balls, giving the mage six warriors. The balls begin to bounce toward their intended targets, targets chosen by the mage. The caster controls targeting until the spell ends, or the mage is killed (which dispels the pattern). When a ball approaches its target, it unfurls into a goblin-like creature with huge talons, toothy grin, and glowing green eyes. The hordeling shoots past its target, ripping and tearing as it goes past. After it has past, it will curl up into a ball again to keep moving. The creatures are swift and efficient. Their rubbery skin makes them very hard to hit.

Bouncing Hordeling


Dodge 19, maneuver 19, unarmed combat 19




Trick 19



Intimidate 19


Natural Tools: speed value 14, armor (+5/ 19, versus non-magical weapons only)

Hordelings are so hard to hit because they are extremely fast when bouncing, and can instantly change direction on every bounce. These creatures are intelligent and will gang up on someone who poses a threat to them. They come from all sides, often gaining blindside attack advantage.

As a favorite tactic, one of them hits their victim from the front, another hits from behind right after, causing the target to fall over. Sometimes three hordelings time their attack, causing the target to spin.