Conjuration Magic

Use: Cannot be used unskilled.

Sample specializations: None

Conjuration magic involves the production or creation of something that did not previously exist. A spell that allows a magician to produce and throw a fireball at an opponent without a nearby source of flame is conjuration magic because it is creating the fireball from “nothing”. Similarly, a spell that animates a normally inanimate object is creating life or at least a semblance of life where it did not exist before and is therefore conjuration magic. The effects produced by conjuration magic do not have to be physical. A spell that creates fear in a target when previously there was no fear is a conjuration spell. A common use of conjuration magic that produces a non-physical effect is the creation of a pathway to another dimension; spells that summon creatures from other dimensions are conjuration spells. These summoning spells

are not creating a creature from “nothing”, they are creating a bridge across the gap between dimensions, allowing access to the desired creature. Conjuration magic can also be used for the reverse effect, destruction instead of creation. Instead of creating something from “nothing”, “nothing” is created from something. A disintegration spell that completely eliminates a target from existence is conjuration magic. Spells that banish summoned creatures back to their home dimension work by destroying the bridge that allows the creature to cross over in the first place. Without that bridge, the creature reverts back to its own dimension. The conjuration magic skill is used to cast conjuration spells. Specializations are not allowed because this is already covered by the magic system through the use of arcane knowledges. Detailed rules for using conjuration magic and the other magic skills can be found in Chapter Ten.