Use: Macro skill

Sample specializations:

Using natural cover, using man-made tools, by terrain type (arctic, desert, jungle, urban, etc.)

The camouflage skill allows characters to conceal large structures and objects from distant observers. Wagons, and even small buildings can be concealed using this skill. This skill does not apply to a character’s ability to conceal her, which is covered by the stealth skill. Think of camouflage as stealth or possibly disguise for anything other than the character. Camouflage can be used to conceal other characters from observation.

When attempting to camouflage an object, the character generates a skill total. This value becomes the difficulty number for anyone trying to locate the concealed object with a Perception or find skill check. The gamemaster can apply modifiers to this difficulty number based on the surrounding terrain, the size of the object and the type and availability of materials used to conceal the object. Some of the modifiers listed under the stealth skill may also be appropriate. If the find total exceeds the camouflage total used to hide the object, the observer sees the object.