Blink Walk

Skill: alteration/true knowledge 19

Backlash: 18

Difficulty: 14

Effect Value: 25

Bonus Number to: range

Range: 10 (100 meters)

Duration: 9 (one minute)

Cast time: 5 (10 seconds)

Manipulation: control, duration, range

A mage calls forth the pattern of this spell to move himself from one location to another, travelling the distance through an extra-dimensional "tunnel". The caster disappears upon casting the spell, reappearing at the destination a short time later. Only the caster can benefit from blink walk. If the caster has any attribute greater than 25, this spell fails. The caster must see, or otherwise sense, the location to which he will move. He must know the location of both the starting point and the destination. A mage could blink walk beyond his field of vision if he knew the location, perhaps through a divination, and the location was in range. The mage travels from the start point to the destination at a rate of 250 meters per round. No matter how large the bonus number generated, the maximum effective range is 1500 meters. More than that and the duration expires before the mage arrives at his destination, randomly depositing the mage at (or into) a point near his line of travel.