Black Bart's Deadly Darts

Skill: apportation/darkness 17

Backlash: 15

Difficulty: 13

Effect Value: 20

Bonus Number to: effect

Range: 8 (40 meters)

Duration: 8 (40 seconds)

Cast Time: 18 (one hour)

Manipulation: control

This impressed spell requires a piece of black obsidian and a dart of some sort. The mage utters dark arcane words while touching the tip of the dart to the stone. The darkness travels into the dart, draining the stone of its pigment. To release the spell, the caster throws the dart at his target. The mage must generate an apportation magic total adding + 2 bonus for the increased accuracy of the spell. The target uses Dexterity or dodge to avoid the attack. The target takes damage equal to the effect value of the spell in the round the dart hits and the next three rounds. The spell ends if the target moves beyond the spell's range. The dart can't be removed before the spell ends other than casting dispel magic, which does not heal damage already taken from the dart. A

Hero point may be used to reduce the damage each round.