Use: Unskilled use penalized. Macro skill

Sample limitations: Painting, sculpting, fashion, music, writing, dance choreography, flower arrangement

Sample specializations: Specific field within a limitation (writing poetry, composing music, watercolor painting, etc.), forgery

This skill gives its user the ability to create a work of art. “Art” is a broadly defined category but for this skill generally refers to designing, arranging or creating something which provokes a response from observers. Tastes vary and not all artists will produce works for the same reason; some may want to entertain and please, others shock, still others may try to communicate a message with their work. Some categories that fit this definition of art do not fall under the artist skill. While dance choreography falls under this skill, the actual application of the artist’s work is done instead with the dance skill. Similarly, forms of art which involve speaking, singing and anything else which involves performing for an audience are covered by the performance art skill. Creating a work of art generally does not involve making an artist skill check against a difficulty number. Because perception of art can be very subjective, when a character creates a work the player generates an artist skill total and that value is then used to gauge the effectiveness of the work however seems most appropriate. A painting intended to invoke feelings of anger in the observer could use the artist skill value like the taunt skill, while a song meant to convey a message and convince people of something could use the artist skill value like the persuasion skill. As a general guideline, “good” or at least “effective” artwork should have a skill total of at least 15. The amount of time involved in creating a work can vary, anywhere from a few days to years. The artist skill can also be used to judge other works of art, perhaps to determine a monetary value, to detect a forgery or to gain a better appreciation of the artist’s talent (or lack thereof.) The difficulty of judging another piece of art is usually equal to the artist skill value of the piece though gamemasters may adjust the difficulty of the task depending on circumstances using the Difficulty Number Scale. Producing a forgery of a piece of art will use the artist skill.