Apportation Magic

Use: Cannot be used unskilled.

Sample specializations: None

Apportation magic is the magic of motion, the magic that moves an object or a quality from one place to another. A flying carpet uses apportation magic to move through the air. A spell that gathers the ambient light of an area and concentrates it all in one place is an example of apporting a non-physical object, the light itself is being moved by the spell. A “haste” spell which allows a person to move faster is not an Apportation magic spell because the spell is not conferring motion to the person; the ability to move faster is a change to the character’s natural movement rate and so would be an alteration magic spell instead. A spell which transferred a movement rate from one character to another, slowing one character down to speed the other up, would be an apportation magic spell because it is moving a quality from one location to another. The apportation magic skill is used to cast apportation spells. Specializations are not allowed because this is already covered by the magic system through the use of arcane knowledges. Detailed rules for using apportation magic and the other magic skills can be found in Chapter Ten.