Alteration Magic

Use: Cannot be used unskilled.

Sample specializations: None

Alteration magic is magic that uses existing matter and energy and changes it into a form or condition more desirable to the caster. A spell that changes a character’s Strength attribute is an example of alteration magic, it “alters” the pre-existing Strength of the spell’s recipient. A spell that changes a character into stone is another example of alteration magic; the matter that makes up the character’s body is altered into a different substance. Teleportation spells are another type of alteration magic, which work by altering the target’s physical location rather than altering an attribute or quality possessed by the target. The alteration magic skill is used to cast alteration spells. Specializations are not allowed because this is already covered by the magic system through the use of arcane knowledges. Detailed rules for using alteration magic and the other magic skills can be found in Chapter Ten.