Skill: alteration/darkness 15

Backlash: 18

Difficulty: 14

Effect Value: 15

Bonus Number to: duration

Range: 6 (15 meters)

Duration: 10 (100 seconds>

Cast Time: 3 (four seconds)

Manipulation: duration

This focused spell causes the affected target to become violently angered at an individual who has slightly irritated her (i.e. bumped into her, spilled some ale on her skirt, disagreed with her in a discussion, etc.). Compare the spell's effect to the target's Mind or willpower, reading the result points on the Power Push Table.

Add seven and read the final result points on the Interrogation column of the Interaction Results Table. If the result is equal to the target's attitude, they fight. For the duration of the spell, reduce her base attitude toward everyone around her two steps. Abrasion is used to start tavern brawls. Multiple targets are possible with the usual one-on-many penalties. To cast abrasion, the mage pricks himself with a needle or tack in the buttocks, while pointing at his target(s).